Is your relationship stuck in Judge on Judge? 

You may be surprised to hear that the ADHD factor is not the biggest stressor in your relationship. Saboteurs are the voices in your head that generate stress and negative emotions in the way you handle life’s challenges. They sabotage your potential for both happiness and performance in all areas of life.

The Judge is the biggest, baddest Saboteur of all and shows up when we:

  • Judge ourselves 
  • Judge others 
  • Judge our circumstances

When you unconsciously allow your Judge to shows up in your relationship what does your partner's Judge do? Armor up for battle to defend its territory. Bring it on!  

A Judge on Judge saboteur dog pile 

Mental Fitness + Awareness x Tactical strategies = YOU 2.0

Don't get me wrong, the ADHD factor in a relationship creates unexpected and unique challenges that neither partner is prepared for. Mental Fitness does not resolve the impact of those issues related to ADHD. That takes education and awareness of how ADHD shows up in day to day life and impacts both the Non-ADHD Partner and the Partner with ADHD. Real change requires the willingness to take action and implementing tactical strategies.  

Mental Fitness is the key to clearing out the smoke of defense mechanisms like avoidance, assumptions, passive aggressiveness, and all the other tactics that our saboteurs create in the need to survive. Mental Fitness takes you out of the "I win, You lose" survivor mindset. It makes it easier for you to handle those challenges together as partners with a clear headed, calm mind and future focus. 

What does the best version of yourself combined with the best version of your partner look like? What is your vision for a co-created Relationship 2.0?

( Don't worry, if your partner is not ready to take action, YET, don't wait. Doing the work to show up as your best self not only improves your life but has a synergistically positive impact  on your relationship as well) 

Non-ADHD Partner

McClain Griffin

I joined the Mental Fitness Group to strengthen my own mental resolve. Now in my thirties my life has gotten busier and busier with that has come different anxieties and stresses. I wanted to learn to control and overcome these anxieties so that I could be more present in all aspects of my life. After 6 weeks I have learned tools that are helping me over come my anxieties and clear my mind when stressful situations come up in my life. This group and course has helped lay a foundation for me to become my best self. What I appreciated about the program and Kimber specifically is the positive reassurance anytime I fell short in different aspects of the program, the positive encouragement helped me continue working on myself even though difficulties came up. I loved the structure that is put in place with the program. I feel it’s very necessary with trying to make big life changes. The structure and timing with everything along with the group support was great for me to stay on track! Before the program I was feeling very anxious and stressed in a lot of different aspects of my life. While I still get those feelings thanks to Kimber I have the tools necessary to reset which has helped me spend less time in an anxious state and more time with a clear mind to overcome any difficulties. There were several times during the program where I started to feel anxious during stressful moments in my business. I was able to apply some of the strategies when those moments arose to recenter and refocus myself. I would say join! Learn the tools to help strengthen your mind. In a world that is fast pace and increasingly more difficult and stressful in all aspects, learn to apply the tools in this program to become your best self. It’s not easy, it takes work, but having this foundation is worth it!

Non-ADHD Partner

Tre N

I joined the mental health group to help myself. Thought it would give me tools to help improve myself and how I interact with other. As well as to maintaining relationships and building new connections. With these tools I was able to not let a break up affect everything. I was still able to continue on with my life, even with something missing. Also giving myself a break and realizing that I don't have to be perfect. Just be consistent. Being aware of the saboteurs that I have. That some of them could be holding be back. As well as they could be my strengths. So just learning how to switch into a sage perspective is the biggest learning experience. I was felling like I didn't need it before. Afterwards I think this is useful to everyone. Completing the 6 week course was an achievement. Now I'm continuing on with the grow pod. That has help me keep honing in the awareness and skills I've learned. That can be applied everyday. Only takes up 3% of my day, which is nothing. One of the results I had was being aware of how I'm holding myself back. It wasn't anyone else. It was that inner voice saying negative things or just not helping with a decision at the time. Learning about how everyone has a judge. Whether it is judging yourself or others. Can be draining, which if you can shift that to a sage mindset. It helped me be more creative and successful in my everday life. Doesn't matter what I'm doing. I'd say this will help you in more ways than you can imagine. You will realize some scary things about yourself. That have been with you all your life. These are your saboteurs but also your strengths and what you do best. Learning to be aware of whats holding yourself back. To be be able to transition your mindset to a sage perspective. Will benefit yourself and others around you. It's the greatest gift you give yourself.

Everything you experience in life is dependent on two things. These two pillars define WHO you are…

Your two essential pillars are….

  1. Your BELIEFS of reality. You are your Beliefs. When you drop out-dated beliefs in all aspects of life (including your relationship) that no longer serve you — and replace them with BETTER beliefs… your world will start to shift. Sometimes like magic.
  2. Your BOUNDARIES for living. Your Boundaries are what you allow on a daily basis. When you figure out what your value is, it’s usually pretty easy to figure out the boundaries that’ll take you there (and the ones that won’t.) Apply these new boundaries, and your results will improve… fast.

Change your Beliefs and your Boundaries… and your life and relationship will change. It sounds simple (and it is - but hard to do on your own.) The Balance Life arrow with beach background

You’ll “Upgrade” Your Beliefs and Boundaries in Key Areas of Your Life – Relationship, Happiness, Purpose, Balance, Self Worth, Intuition & More

Relationships are challenging and the added dimension of ADHD can elevate the challenges into a roller coaster of seemingly gigantic valleys and peaks. Mental Fitness and Tactical Coaching will start the shifting you from an anxiety, fear filled ride where you don't know what will blind-side you next into a gentler, thrill ride along side your partner and your support community.

We will break down the overwhelming challenges you are facing into powerful bite sized pieces that will move you forward. Rediscovering yourself and growing the soul spark of the new strengths that you have gained from this process.

Ready To Get Started?