ADHD Partners: Love your Partner? Hate the Stress?

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A relationship that involves ADHD can be stressful. That's why we're here to help.  ​Ready to get started?​ ​Get the Measuring Stick worksheet from Kimber's book, ​​​ADHD Partners: The Path to Embracing Life and Awakening Personal Power​.

​It is time to take back the starring role in your life

​Non-ADHD Partner Coaching

Non-ADHD Partner Coaching

Academic Success Coaching

Academic Success Coaching


​What is Quadrant Coaching?

Quadrant Coaching for the Non-ADHD Partner is a process I’ve developed over the past several years studying personal transformation and learning from experts in the ADHD, relationship and coaching industries.

ADHD is very real, but society in general has yet to understand the full impact it has on all aspects of life and relationships… including the lives of ADHD partners.

This process has not been offered before, but I believe it is the key to radical transformational growth.

Here’s why: Loving a partner with ADHD can be frustrating, confusing, and isolating. This is reality….. no matter how many things there are to love about your partner. Partners in a relationship with someone who has ADHD are often overlooked. Their needs are pushed aside by the “more pressing” emotional and mental challenges of their loved one.

The diagnosis of your partner helped shed light and hope on all the incongruent behaviors and statements that have defined your relationship up to this point. But it only takes you so far….

​.......ADHD’s impact on a relationship is a matter of perspective in a relationship and that can bend and shift depending on your mind’s point of view. In fact, much of what we accept as “reality” is nothing more than an illusion. (Albeit a very persistent one.)

When you start to see through the illusion you can experience RAPID transformational growth, in all areas. This is because…

Everything you experience in life is dependent on two things. These two pillars define WHO you are…

Your two essential pillars are….

  1. Your BELIEFS of reality.You are your Beliefs. When you drop out-dated beliefs in all aspects of life (including your relationship) that no longer serve you — and replace them with BETTER beliefs… your world will start to shift. Sometimes like magic.
  2. Your BOUNDARIES for living.Your Boundaries are what you allow on a daily basis. When you figure out what your value is, it’s usually pretty easy to figure out the boundaries that’ll take you there (and the ones that won’t.) Apply these new boundaries, and your results will improve… fast.

Change your Beliefs and your Boundaries… and your life and relationship will change. That’s Quadrant Coaching in a nutshell. It sounds simple (and it is - but hard to do on your own.) The Balance Life arrow with beach background

​You’ll “Upgrade” Your Beliefs and Boundaries in Key Areas of Your Life – Relationship, Happiness, Purpose, Balance, Self Worth, Intuition & More​

Relationships are challenging and the added dimension of ADHD can elevate the challenges into a roller coaster of seemingly gigantic valleys and peaks. Quadrant Coaching will start the shifting you from an anxiety, fear filled ride where you don't know what will blind-side you next into a gentler, thrill ride along side your partner and your support community.

We will break everything down into 4 Quadrants. The Quadrants break down the overwhelming challenges you are facing into powerful bite sized pieces that will move you forward. Rediscovering yourself and growing the soul spark of the new strengths that you have gained from this process.

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  • Connecting –The Connecting Quadrant focuses on acknowledging that with knowledge comes power, supporting you in moving from feelings of being blind-sided and confused to focused on the things that you can control in life and your relationship.
  • Releasing –The Releasing Quadrant creates understanding of how expectations are colored by the societal perceptions of ADHD tendencies and internalized relationship rules and allows releasing these of these assumptions.
  • Balancing –The Balancing Quadrant brings to light common tendencies such as isolation, overwhelm and challenges with trusting yourself and others as well as struggling self-esteem that are blocking forward movement.
  • Creating –The Creating Quadrant looks at new relationship boundaries, new partnership agreements and places self-care and support back as non-negotiable priorities.

During this time I’ll teach you new Beliefs and Boundaries you can use to create extraordinary results in different areas of life.

Notice- I am not just talking about just your relationship with your ADHD Partner. I am talking about YOUR LIFE…. you are much more than just your relationship.