Academic Success Coaching

​I am often asked if I work with academic success coaching students who do not have ADHD. My answer is a resounding "Yes", ADHD is not required for academic success coaching to be valuable to you. Here's why:

  • Practical application of Executive Function strategies
  • Strength based coaching
  • Confidential and personalized coaching to your goals
  • Whole life coaching (not just academic success or ADHD

I am a strong believer in the view that any type of coaching starts with strong core coaching skills and any specialization give the coach additional tools to help you through blocks that you may not be aware are getting in your way.


  • Future focused and action oriented
  • Client driven (your goals not someone else's)
  • Building strong habits that will also help you as an adult
  • Shift you into becoming more self-directed and proactive
  • More success and less stress

I have outlined what Executive Function skills are (from Tom Brown's chart) below.... ....take a look and reflect on where your Executive Function areas of opportunity are. Ready to work smarter and improve your academic success? ​







​Organizing, prioritizing and activating (getting started) on work

​Focusing, sustaining, and shifting attention to tasks (even get stuck trying to make an assignment perfect and forget about other things you need to do?)

​Regulating, alertness, sustaining effort (running out of steam for the un-fun topics), and processing speed

​​ Managing frustrations and modulating emotions (learn how to let go and focus on the actions that will improve the situation)

​Utilizing working memory and accessing recall (used in reading, math and practically everything else you do!)

​Monitoring and self regulating action (being aware of if you are making progress and on track)

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