ADHD Coaching

​ADHD Coaching is all about learning strategies that work with you - not against you! Partner with Kimber to reduce the frustrations that come with time and task management challenges. Create habits and effectively utilize tools that work with your ADHD not fight against it. You CAN learn to:

  • Be Accountable to yourself
  • Work Smarter not Harder
  • Make time your FRIEND
  • Prioritize
  • Break down your plan into bite-size pieces

ADHD Coaching for Students

Are you a college student that is struggling with transitioning from high school or hitting the more complicated expectations of grad school? ADHD Coaching helps you get off the roller coaster and juggle all the pieces needed to be successful. Coaching does not stop at just school- we coach LIFE. Combining her training, skills, passion and experience, Kimber’s unique style embraces the ideals and strengthens of both student and ADHD coaching.

ADHD Coaching for Adults

Are you an adult that has has been recently diagnosed? Or have you decided that "good enough" at work and in your relationships is no longer GOOD ENOUGH and are ready to create the life you deserve? ADHD Coaching will take you to the next level that you know you are capable of achieving but have been blocked from - up until now!

Coaching is very effective virtually so it is not required for you to be in Las Vegas area to work with Kimber.

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