October 30, 2016

ADHD Partner Coaching

Girl meets Boy. Cute Boy. Very Cute Boy.

Charismatic and Funny Boy. Boy with ADHD.

Girl knows little about ADHD. Boy only knows how it causes him problems in school.

Neither Boy or Girl have any idea of how ADHD impacts their relationship.


Years & years of roller coastering emotions, struggle, confusion go by.

It didn’t have to be so painful.

If the Boy and Girl had understood how ADHD impacted him. How ADHD impacted her.

How ADHD impacted their Relationship.

Books about ADHD and the impact on the person diagnosed are plentiful and very valuable resources. Coaching is often talked about as a fantastic option for improvement in executive function deficits such as managing priorities, staying on track, initiating, etc. What is often neglected is the very real impact of having a partner with ADHD is on the non-ADHD partner.

My own experience led me to discover ADHD coaching but in the back of my head there was always the thought:

“The Non-ADHD partner needs you more. Certainly, they benefit in some ways from the progress their partner with ADHD is making through coaching. But they DESERVE more”

It is now time for that voice to come to the forefront and be shout from the rooftops, for the non-ADHD partner in Las Vegas to have their own coach. I am very excited that you have found ADHD Partners.

You Deserve MORE



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Kimber Nelson

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