If you were to review what you've learned so far and write your own SUCCESS STORY, what would it say? Eg. Why you joined the Mental Fitness Group, what you were hoping to resolve or improve and where you are now.
What do you like best about Mental Fitness and what is/was your biggest learning?
How do you FEEL as a result of Mental Fitness? Eg. Once upon a time I was feeling ... , then I worked with Kimber and now I feel ...
Please share specific results you have had as a result of working with me. How did our work together contribute to those results?
Finally, what might you say to someone considering joining the next Mental Fitness group?
Do you give permission to share your testimonial on my website? How would you like to be identified? i.e. First Name, Last Initial (No coaching type), First Name, Last Initial, coaching type (Kimber N. Non-ADHD Partner), First Name only (Kimber, Adult with ADHD), coaching type only (Non-ADHD Partner)