The ADHD Relationship HACK for High-Impact Change

What is the formula for growth in your relationship?

I x S x N x P x T x O = Growth

In relationships involving ADHD, we at ADHD Partners know that societies perception of what a relationship SHOULD look like do not apply. Because of this, we designed this ADHD Relationship Hack for the Non-ADHD Partner. This growth hacks have been created to help you stop being blindsided by behaviors that are inconguent with a happy, healthy relationship.

  • Make conversations more effective so you can get to a resolution.
  • Start separating common ADHD behaviors from your Partners intentions.
  • Avoid the “blame game” cycle so you can focus on partnering on a solution.

What Can You Achieve with This Hack?

Kimber specializes in working with frustrated clients whose partner has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD who want to finally understand how ADHD shows up in their relationship and use effective strategies to take back control of their lives. She also work directly with students diagnosed with ADHD who are struggling with the increasing challenges of organization, schoolwork and social lives; young adults who are taking their first steps towards independence and/or heading off to college; and adults of all ages who finally want to understand their ADHD/ADD and live the life they want!

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