Non- ADHD Partner Coaching

Are you the Non- ADHD partner in your relationship? This coaching program was created for you and only you! It is long overdue for the non- ADHD partner to be provided with greater support. Our focus during coaching is first and foremost about addressing your needs and mindset. Do you often feel isolation, anxiety, eroded self- esteem, mis-trust of self-perceptions and your decision making ability? You are not alone!

This program places you back in the starring role in your life. A place we all belong.

​We will re-negotiate boundaries, expectations and perceptions within your relationship. However, this program is not focused on the relationship itself or on ADHD specifically, but rather on YOU re-discover yourself within your relationship. This program gets you off the common ADHD relationship roller coaster ride with ​Quadrant Coaching personalized coaching options. The Quadrants are defined as:


In the Connecting Quadrant, coaching focuses on acknowledging that with knowledge comes power, supporting you in moving from feelings of being blind-sided and confused to focused on the things that you can control in life and your relationship.


The Releasing Quadrant starts you on the path of understanding how expectations are colored by the societal perceptions of ADHD tendencies and internalized relationship rules and allows releasing these of these assumptions.


The Balancing Quadrant brings to light common tendencies such as isolation, overwhelm and challenges with trusting yourself and others as well as struggling self-esteem that are blocking forward movement.


Finally, in the Creating Quadrant, we look at new relationship boundaries, new partnership agreements and places self-care and support back as non-negotiable priorities.

Coaching is very effective virtually so it is not required for you to be in the Las Vegas area to work with Kimber.

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