Love your partner? Hate the stress and frustration? It is time to take back the starring role in your life and build your community. This coaching group is grounded in Kimber’s Quadrant Coaching model. Each week we will explore a new Quadrant, share stories and empower you to place self-care and support as non-negotiable priorities. This is a future-focused and action-oriented group. Be prepared to actively engage in creating change for yourself.  

The Quadrants are:

Connecting –The Connecting Quadrant focuses on acknowledging that with knowledge of ADHD and how it shows up in your relationship comes power. Understanding how ADHD shows up in your relationship allows you to focus on the things that you can control in life and your relationship.

Releasing –The Releasing Quadrant creates understanding of how our expectations in a relationship are colored by the societal perceptions of ADHD tendencies and internalized relationship rules.  Releasing these assumptions allows you to start creating the relationship that you want and deserve.

Balancing –The Balancing Quadrant brings to light common challenges that Non-ADHD Partners experience such as feelings of isolation, overwhelm and challenges with trusting yourself and others that blocking forward movement.

Creating –The Creating Quadrant looks at new boundaries that you want to set and places self-care and support back as non-negotiable priorities.

Coaching group runs for 6 weeks, 70 minute sessions on virtual video sharing platform makes them easy to attend and connect with your peers. 9 AM Pacific/10AM Mountain/11AM Central/12PM Eastern.

Groups are $217, next group runs Tuesdays, April 10th, 2018 to May 15th, 2018, Space is limited.


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