Imagine being in a space where you could think out loud without interruption while someone listened to you, always keeping your agenda, your goals, in front of you.

Imagine being being supported by someone really GETS how ADHD shows up in life and in relationships. The burden of trying to explain the seemingly unexplainable to others who have great intentions but who do not truly understand the complexity of the challenges you face lifted.

​Sometimes, we get in the way of our own progress. Sometimes, life gets in the way of living. Sometimes, we just have a sense that with a little help or tweaking, we really could move forward. Sometimes, we're not sure if anything will change, but we are so sick of where we are at, we're willing to step into the unknown just to be free of living in the cycle of what we do know. People learn by doing. Coaching is action oriented and future focused on what you CAN control (which is more than you think!). Kimber works with individual clients who are ready and willing to actively engage in the coaching process.